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Kitchen gadgets are usually sort of an impulse purchase. Something that you don't really need but you are dying to try them out. Then you bring them home, make so many dishes and then retire them to the back of the cupboard. I'll admit that my mandoline was one of these such purchases. I had envisioned myself slicing up all sorts of things for salads, for roasting...ah the possibilities were endless. But then I sliced up a few carrots and a few cucumbers and called it a day. Well luckily the other day I decided to bring out my mandoline once more. 

Around 3 everyday I get hungry for something sweet and something crunchy. So I thought, might as well combine the two. Since apples are plentiful in the fall, I decided to make apple chips. These are super easy to make but you will need to buy a mandoline to get the thin, uniform slices. I promise, you will end up using it! 

Pumpkin Pie Apple Chips (Makes ~25 chips)

2 large apples (I like red delicious but choose your favorite kind)
2-3 Teaspoons of Pumpkin Pie Spice (you can get this at Trader Joe's or just use cinnamon)

Turn the oven to 225 degrees. The lowest mine goes is 250 so I had to just keep it there. They seemed to turn out just fine.

Using a mandoline set to 1, slice apples. pick out the seeds in the center pieces. Make sure all slices are about the same size in diameter (no need to include the little top and bottom pieces) Place them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

Sprinkle pumpkin pie spice over the apple slices.

Bake 45 - 60 minutes. Periodically check the chips to see how they are cooking. I was tempted to pull them out but you really want to wait until they are fully browned and curly on the edges to ensure you get a nice crisp chip. 

Store in a tupperware for up to a week and enjoy snacking on this low-calorie treat.