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Sometimes I like to look back at old wish lists. Things that I just had to have. Some things I still want but most of the time my tastes have changed and those things just aren't that covetable to me anymore. I do have a list of decor items that have stayed with me over the years. Things that I just can't stop coming back to. They are on my list for my someday "grown-up house" that I get to remodel, and paint and decorate to my heart's desire. I love my rental but can't wait until the day comes where I can call a place completely my own. These are the items that I just never get sick of looking at and I have a feeling will be classics for years to come.

1. Tom Dixon Copper Lights - the simple shape and the copper shade are just gorgeous
2. Artwork from the Aestate and Michele Armas - I want to build a real art collection and these happy pieces I just can't get enough of
3. Vintage Mirrors - especially in the Venetian style add such a beautiful elegance to a space
4. Leather Couch - I want to get a beautiful leather couch to wear in and take with me over the years
5. Souk Rug - this has been on my wishlist forever, it's pile is crazy luxurious
6. Hermes Blanket - because who doesn't need a little touch of luxury in the home, even if it is exorbitantly-priced
7. Milo Baughman furniture - the lines, the chrome, the tufting, everything about his designs makes me swoon, one day I'll own one of his vintage pieces

What's on your decor dream list?

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