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A few weeks ago it was a blustery, foggy night in San Francisco. The one that chills you right down to the bone. My friend and I stepped into one of my favorite neighborhood cocktail bars, Palmers, to cozy up to the bar for a drink. I ordered a delicious old fashioned-inspired cocktail with black walnut bitters and a garnish of an orange with cloves.

Ever since then I can't stop thinking of new ways to mix up an old fashioned. Inspired by my old fashioned, I created a cozy wintery cocktail that is perfect for the upcoming holiday season. It combines amaretto with bourbon and a touch of walnut for a decidedly taste.

To keep things really cozy, I lit a few of my favorite Thymes pine candles. They smell like I'm hiding a 6ft tall Christmas tree in my tiny studio. I love them because they blend in perfectly with my decor (hello faux bois and a 24k gold trim) and they just smell so darn incredible. I seriously want to buy them up in every size and create a forrest of deliciousness in my apartment.

But I digress...back to the cocktail.


2 parts bourbon (such as Wild Turkey 101)
1 part amaretto
3-4 dashes of black walnut bitters
Orange peel
6 Cloves

Measure the bourbon and combine with the amaretto over ice.

Add the walnut bitters.

Stir until chilled.

Peel a thick slice of orange peel being careful to not get the pith (white part).

Stick three cloves into each peel.

Garnish drinks with a peel.

Stop to enjoy the ambiance of the moment.

Enjoy your drinks. These are quite booze forward (ie they are all booze) but they are surprisingly easy to drink and perfect for warming up as it gets cold outside.