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When was the last time that you sprung out of bed feeling rested? Yeah, I can't really think of the last time either. I'm one of those people that needs 8 hours of sleep no matter what and, if i get less, oh man you better watch out. I'm always looking for new ways to get a better sleep. I started last year with setting a night time alarm that goes off at 9:30pm and tells me to start getting ready for bed. This was super helpful because it gave me a little reminder of what time it is and motivated me to turn down the lights and get into sleepy mode.

When eve approached me about trying their mattresses, I was totally game. Not only did the product sound like it was disrupting a very outdated category, but I loved the smart use of design. (that was the cherry on top) I love when companies take categories that are innovation-less and turn them into something inspiring (shout out to Virgin America) Plus it arrived in a small box, shrink wrapped so even the way it was delivered was innovative!

First off, I couldn't wait for my mattress to arrive all the way from England, where it's made. I excitedly saw it waiting in the lobby for me one night after returning home from work. I live in an old Victorian apartment with no elevator (and no strong man to speak of) so I pushed the 70lb box right on up the stairs. While it was heavy, it was a whole lot easier to take up the stairs than a regular queen size mattress (trust me I know after experiencing both)

Continue reading below to hear about my experience with eve and what I think of sleeping on it for a few days now...

The next morning, I tore open the outer box to reveal a bright white and yellow box inside. Like I mentioned, the graphic design is seriously on point. It is so fun and cheerful!

When you pull the mattress out of the box, it comes tightly wrapped up in a giant roll. Does this remind anyone else of a Twinkie?

Then, all you do is cut the tape and you hear this immediate whooshing sound as the mattress fills up with air.

Over the next 4-6 hours the mattress expands to its full size. I would say that within 15 minutes it looked like a real mattress then started getting firmer over the full amount of time.

Seriously, look how happy and cheerful this is?Also, I love the cushiony texture on the top of the mattress. 

So what do I think, now that I have had a chance to sleep on it for a few nights? It did take a little getting used to. Foam mattress are definitely different than spring mattresses but the more that I have slept on it, the more that I like it. I like that it is firm but soft at the same time. Like when I sit up in bed it sinks down, but when I am laying down it feels pretty firm. The best part is that they have a 100 days sleep guarantee so if you don't like the mattress after 100 days, they will come pick it up for you. That seems like a pretty awesome deal to me.

If you are in the market for a new mattress, I highly recommend checking out eve. Everything from the shipping to the packaging to the little intro card is mindfully thought through. It's worth switching up your routine a little bit for. That's worth a good night's sleep, right?