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During the holidays things seem to be moving in hyper-speed. It feels like I can't even keep a handle on it. This weekend literally all I did was prepare for the holidays. I was running around like a crazy person wrapping gifts, picking up cocktail mixers, creating flower arrangements and on and on. It felt like I didn't have enough hands (or time) to get it all done.

That is where TaskRabbit came into play. I got a extra set of hands from a lovely Tasker who helped me pick up a few things to get the house ready for guests. She picked up some beautiful flowers from my local favorite Bud Stop, grabbed some incredible pastries at b.patisserie, did some light grocery shopping, cleaned my apartment and helped organize my hallway closet.  Phew! That makes me tired just listing it all out. Talk about an extra set of hands!

I wanted to run though a few things I do (with the help of my friend from TaskRabbit) to get the house ship shape for holiday guests.

No. 1 Fresh Flowers

I would love to have fresh flowers ALL of the time but most of us can't (my dream would be able to do a Florealm subscription) but if you are going to pick a certain time to do it, having guests over would be the perfect time. For the holidays I always go white with pine and a little hint of red. I'm a big fan of this particular arrangement with the bright red berries.

No. 2 Holiday Decor

You don't have to go crazy with the holiday decor but it does help to have a few pieces of decoration here and there to make it feel festive. Having a small apartment, I have been a big fan of the garland and wreath combination. I bought these cute tiny ornaments a few years back and I just stick them in to a large wreath and hang over the bed for a holiday feel. When guests are away from home during the holidays, you want to make them feel like they still get to celebrate Christmas.

No. 3 Boozy Surprises

Everyone wants a warm welcome when they come into your apartment. What better way than to toast to their arrival with a tiny champagne? I love these little bottles from Domaine Chandon. They are the perfect amount for a nice afternoon sip with your guests. I also am pretty obsessed with adding greens to every package during the holidays. I just trim a little here and there off of my garland and add them to packages, boxes and champs (of course!)

No. 4 Breakfast Ready

Let your guests slowly adjust to living in the city. Before heading out on a big day of site seeing, give them a taste of the best pastries in town. Serve with some scrambled eggs and a big cup of coffee, and they will be ready to see the town. I like this more low-key way of starting the morning much better than standing in line at a restaurant because it gives everyone a chance to start the day slowly. If you get the pastries the day before, just turn on the oven to 450 degrees and cover the pastries with foil to heat them up. 

No. 5 Little Luxuries

For my own personal use, I love a fluffy white towel. It reminds me of staying at a hotel. While it is hard to keep them pristine, they can be bleached and they are fairly cheap at your local Target. I also like to give my guests a few extras to make it feel like a luxe hotel. A good  hydrating face mask is helpful after a long day of flying. I also love this little sponge and facial cleanser. Plus, you can take a little snipping from the arrangement to make this set-up feel extra fancy.

So, these are a just a few ways that I get ready for company. Without the help of TaskRabbit, I seriously don't know how I would have gotten all of these things done in such a short amount of time. It really helps to have a little extra help during the holidays. 

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