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Can you believe it's 2016? I probably say that each and every year but it's completely true that time flies. I wanted to put together a few of my favorite Instagrams from throughout the year. While these only tell of the positive (I'll admit, sometimes staged) aspects of my life, they are all things that I will remember and bring with me into 2016.

This past year was about getting settled in my new job, reaching out beyond my group of friends to meet new people, getting closer to my existing friends, challenging myself to be more creative, a better photographer and come up with interesting new blog posts, traveling to places close to home and a little further away, and of course, enjoying lots of amazing cheese plates and cocktails.

There are so many exciting things in store for next year. Right now it's about taking stock of all of the things I learned last year and translating that into what I can improve and build upon for next year. I hope the next year is full of more travel (hopefully to Europe), new creative challenges, new ways to expand my learning at work, and many, many more brunches.

Thank you for following along here on this blog. It makes me so happy that each and every one of you visit my blog. Here's to an incredible 2016!

16 FOR 2016