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16 FOR 2016

Here are 16 things I hope to do in 2016:

1. Create a weekend ritual that prepares me for the week (that's not brunching)
2. Plan and go on a international trip
3. Commit to activities after work that I truly want to go to
4. Say yes to activities with different groups of friends
5. Read at least 12 books throughout the year
6. Continue to give my time to a non-profit (would love to continue to dedicate my time to Dogo)
7. Come in early to work to get ahead of things
8. Do something new at least once a week (try a new restaurant, go on a new walk)
9. Follow-up with close friends to make sure I am staying in contact
10. Enlist in a class to learn something new (even if it's cheese making)
11. Go on a hike at least once every 2 months
12. Learn how to make a new kind of bread
13. Eat healthier breakfasts and get into tea
14. Stay positive going into my 30th birthday
15. Hit the 3k mark on Instagram
16. Host more gatherings at my apartment

What are you goals for the New Year?