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This weekend, I kept it pretty low key. Didn't do much except spend time outside, catch up with friends and watch a few movies at home. One of the movies I watched was It Boy. I found it after 20 mins of searching through romantic comedies, new movies, dramas, dramas with a strong female lead (thanks a lot for all of the suggestions Netflix) It looked cute and it was in french so I would be able to practice my french (or my subtitle reading skills)

Overall the movie was ok, like a B. Not terrible but maybe not something I would watch a second time. What I really did love was the lead actresses outfits and styling. Those french women really do have something that I can't put my finger on. Her outfits were a classic mix of traditional pieces (think white button downs and pencil skirts) with a hint sexiness. She also rocked beautiful, easy-going hair and a bold red lip. Can you get more french? I've pulled a few of my favorite outfits from the movie and classic pieces to buy to recreate the look. I know I'll be channeling her this week as I get dressed in the morning.

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