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Oh my city of SF you are so darn charming. No matter how many yucky bus rides or parking tickets I get, I just can't stop falling in love with you.

This weekend I had the incredible opportunity to have a little mini staycation (is this word still popular?) at the Hotel Zelos in downtown San Francisco. Can I tell you what a magical feeling it is to leave work on a Friday and waltz (oh yes I waltzed) down the street to a hotel and check in? My sister and I threw off our work shoes and collapsed on the bed in the comfiest animal print robes.

I wanted to share a few pictures from our mini-trip. The highlight was eating (nearly everything) at the Dirty Habit restaurant. You are going to want to scroll all the way down for pictures of that magical experience. I'm warning you now, just prepare to be hungry.

The building that the hotel is in is this wonderful mint color with perfect San Francisco detailing. The hotel is located very centrally at Market Street and 4th in the heart of downtown. There is lots of shopping around it (shoutout to Old Navy where we went shopping before dinner)

Even though the outside is very classic San Francisco, the inside is a lovely mix of inviting modern. 

I mean, they have flavored water in the lobby. Call me sold.

Our room was inspired by surrealism. There were clouds painted on the celling which gave it an artsy feel. 

I love hotel bathtubs. They just make me relaxed looking at them. 

Me looking out at the view. Most likely thinking about what cocktail I'm going to order at dinner.

One of the coolest bars around, Dirty Habit, is located inside the hotel. I had been here a few times with co-workers but we had only ordered a handful of appetizers. My favorite being the big steak fries. 

Their cocktails are seriously good. I have had the Bees in the Trap which is close to an old fashioned. It is really well balanced for an old fashioned. That night we had the Aloe Be Thy Name which was a tropical drink with guava, rum and aloe.

Even though it was pouring rain, I wanted to give you a glimpse of the amazing patio. When it is not raining, this place is THE place to be. There is a super sexy fire pit and lots of cozy couches. The perfect spot for a first (or second) date.

Our gorgeous cocktails.

First, the chef brought us out oysters. I loved the lime granita on top that was the perfect tart accent to the oyster.

I am going to have dreams about this challah bread with honey butter. All those spices and that delicious butter?! I could have eaten 5 of these. But it was a good thing that I didn't because the food just kept coming...

Local asparagus with poached egg.

A new cocktail they are trying out served in a cantaloupe. Any drink in a fruit is perfection to me. 

Mushroom tart with grapefruit. The combination of the flavors in this dish were so memorable.

I also dream about these super-seasoned fries. They are so delicious when pared with a cocktail. If you go here and get one appetizer, make it these.

Also, not pictured were some GIANT incredible mussels in a coconut curry broth and some very tasty lamb belly buns.

Then came the dessert. By this point we were stuffed but these desserts were too pretty not to eat. Plus, I think I have literally NEVER turned down dessert.  This was a citrus panna cotta with three different types of blood orange. It was so tasty.

Not to be outdone by this masterpiece which was a chocolate mousse ball with a caramelized banana and chipotle peanuts. 

After finishing one of the best meals I've had in awhile. Amanda and I changed into our robes and just hung out in our cozy room. Sometimes just hanging out and talking (and doing lots and lots of face swap on Snapchat) is just what the doctor ordered after a long week at work.

Amanda and I woke up early the next morning to volunteer at the Princess Project, which I mentioned in a previous post. We were so sad to have to leave the hotel and the amazing time we had during our brief stay. 

Overall, we had a lovely time staying at the Hotel Zelos. The staff was so nice and accommodating. The location is perfect in the heart of downtown. Next time you have someone visit you in town, I highly recommend having them stay at the hotel. Or if you live in SF, make sure to stop by Dirty Habit for some killer drinks and some very memorable fries. Mmmm fries. 

This post was done in collaboration with the Hotel Zelos. Thank you for supporting the brands featured on this blog.