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Buying new technology is always a stressful situation. There's the researching, the making an appointment, the waiting in line once you get there and then you get home and it doesn't work or isn't set up properly. With all of the travel I have planned this next year, I had been looking at buying an iPad mini. I wanted something that would be completely portable, plus good for reading and watching shows/movies.

As I was looking at options, a SF-based company Enjoy reached out to me to partner on a post. They will meet you anywhere (almost! it's only in SF and NY right now) to deliver your tech for free AND help you set it up completely free! It almost sounded too good to be true. It is the same price as other places but you get the convenience of delivery and a really nice person to make sure you are all set. I decided to give it a go myself and here is what happened.

First, I went to the Enjoy site and selected my iPad. They have a lot of great Apple products, Sonos speakers, smartwatches, drones and even electric skateboards. After picking out my iPad model, I scheduled my appointment online for a Saturday morning. I figured that would be the best time to dedicate to setting up my new iPad. Paul was assigned to my delivery. Find this cute video of him here (they have one for everyone at their company)

Paul called me the week before my delivery to understand what I would be using the iPad for so he could ensure that he had everything ready for our set-up. He texted 20 minutes before arriving to make sure I was home and ready. When he arrived, he was wearing a crisp white Enjoy shirt carrying a canvas bag with my little iPad! It can be weird inviting someone into your home (especially as a woman) but I felt very comfortable with the set-up. They are also available to meet you wherever so if you would feel better about a coffee shop, that would be A-ok too.

Ah the opening of the iPad. Is there a better feeling in the world than opening a new piece of technology?

After Paul opened the product, he had me log in to my iPad. After we got the initial set-up done, he asked what things I needed to make sure were connected. I immediately said, Instagram (duh!) Snapchat (double duh) and a few other key apps like Chromecast so I could watch TV. He was very patient with me as I fumbled through the steps and helped me learn a few shortcuts that could also be used on my iPhone.

It was so nice to sit at home and enjoy a cup of coffee while setting up my iPad. It was miles different from my previous tech experiences that usually result in standing too long at the store and needing to call tech support afterwards to answer my outstanding questions.

Paul was super nice and very knowledgeable about technology. The tech set-up felt more like a conversation with a friend than something stressful. He left after about 40 minutes and I was totally relaxed and excited to continue to explore my new iPad.

Overall it was a great experience. I think this would be a really wonderful service for someone that needs a little help with technology or just like me, who doesn't want the typical stressful experience of buying technology. It would be amazing for gifting too. Imagine if you sent a Sonos speaker to a close friend for their birthday? I also love that they are personalizing tech again. They make sure that the product you selected is set-up for your needs.

So that you can enjoy it too (haha, my jokes are SO funny), Enjoy is generously offering you guys $50 off your purchase of $100 or more until 4/15 using code RAF-LHI (can't be used on Tile or Boosted Boards)

This post was done in partnership with Enjoy. Thank you for supporting the brands featured on this site.