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A few things that I will be up to this weekend...

No. 1 Princess Project

I couldn't be happier about doing the Princess Project for the third year in a row. This amazing organization helps underprivileged girls be a princess for a day by providing them with the perfect dress for prom, accessories and makeup. I volunteer to help the girls pick out their dream dress and it not only is fun for me but very rewarding to see girls feel like a princess.

No. 2 Kitchen Re-Design

I have lived in my apt for four years but I haven't changed the design of the kitchen since. I'm re-doing the sink skirt with this oh-so-cute palm leaf fabric but still trying to figure out the other little details. Thinking Palm Springs chic--light pink with hints of rattan.

No. 3 90 Minute Cinnamon Rolls

In 90 minutes the thought of having fresh cinnamon rolls sounds pretty fantastic. Since it's supposed to rain all weekend curling up with a hot-from-the-oven roll and Netflix is sounding pretty appealing after a long week of work.

No. 4 Clean up with ThredUP

A few weeks ago I did a deep clean of my wardrobe. I ended up giving two bags of clothes to ThredUP and got a little money back to invest on buying new things. While it wasn't a lot, it's better than having it accumulate dust in the closet. Also, I have big plans to move on to the rest of the closet this weekend. Spring cleaning here I come.

No. 5 Wanderlust in Full Swing

While we got the big flights and the hotels booked, my sis and I have quite a few more things to do in planning for our trip to Paris, Portugal, Florence and Cortona. Every time I look online I get more and more excited for all of the sites that we are going to see. If you have any tips, please, please email me.

Sounds like a jam packed weekend. What are you going to be up to?

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