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Call it a rut. Call it a slump. Call it a bad day. Sometimes there is just something off for a day or maybe even a week. I have been in one of those, can't-shake-it ruts for a week or so. In the scheme of things my problems are rather trivial, my computer died and I had to buy a new one, work has been pretty stressful and tense recently, I'm coming off a month of traveling non-stop etc.  But still, these things put together have affected my day-to-day mood and I don't quite feel like my usual self. 

I have been pulling out all of my tricks to try to get out of this little slump and I thought that I would share them with you. But, with that said, some of the best advice I got (from one of my favorite podcasts, see number 3 below) is that sometimes its ok to NOT be 100% happy. It makes me feel better just typing that. Sometimes you just dip a little bit and, as long as you get back up, you will end up being all the better for it. So here are a few tips in case you can relate to the little slump I've been having...

Tip #1 - Don't Force It

Making decisions when you aren't happy is a no-go. For some reason all of the sudden I wanted lash extensions and bangs and highlights. I was so confused as to why I wanted all of this and after really thinking about it, I decided I want to be in a better state of mind to make any sort of decision like that. The truth is that a superficial change, like a few highlights, isn't going to fix your mood and, if you are already in a bad mood, chances are you won't be thrilled with the end result. Wait until you are back to your normal self to make these changes and in the meantime you can treat yourself to a little R&R. 


Tip #2 - Treat Yourself Gently 

Try to be kind to yourself. Think about the things you are saying to yourself during this negative time and, if you can at all, reframe them to something more positive. If you wouldn't say it to a friend, you probably shouldn't be saying it to yourself. Also, sort of like the tip above, don't do any activities that will make you feel worse about yourself. For me those include things like trying a new workout class for the first time or attending a college business school mixer. No need to put yourself in situations that take lots of confidence when you aren't 100%. Another part of treating yourself gently is taking care of yourself. For me that means putting one of my favorite scents in the diffuser, making new things in my kitchen and trying a new lipstick. Totally simple things but they can make you feel cared for when it seems like the world is against you. 


Tip #3 - Seek the Experts 

If you have a therapist you can reach out to that's great. If you don't, turn to all of the amazing online resources for tips. I have been loving listening to podcasts on the weekends while I'm cooking dinner or cleaning up around the house. One of my absolute favorites is Marie Forleo. She has great tips for motivation and positivity and I like the style of her podcasts. Her interview shows are some of the best ones including my favorite with Tony Robbins.


#4 - Distract Yourself 

Ok, if I was a therapist I would probably tell you to address your issues rather than running away from them however, depending on why you are in the bad mood, that might not be necessary. As far as I know, the reason I'm in this mood is because many things in my life have culminated to create this slump. I'm pretty sure I know myself and I'm pretty sure that this will pass because things at work will smooth out, I'm going on an awesome trip in a few weeks, I got my new computer. Things are looking up. So we have determined that it isn't something monumental, just a passing mood. In that case, distraction is wonderful. When you are in a mood, sitting around alone only gives you more time to think and stew and get in a worse mood. My favorite things to do to distract myself are working out (see #5 below) and hanging out with friends. Even if you are withdrawing into your safe little cocoon, force yourself to make plans with people that make you feel good and activities that energize you. 


#5 - Sweat It Out 

Whether its taking all of your aggression out in a dark room in spin class or going on a long walk outside, I promise you will feel better after you work out. Not only does it distract you but chemically it will release those happy dopamine neurotransmitters that can boost your mood. I have been doing ClassPass and loving trying all sorts of new classes. I can pivot classes depending on my mood. If I have a lot of energy, I'll do spin but if I want something more quiet and relaxing, I have my favorite yoga stretching class. I always feel more motivated after coming out of one of the classes and oftentimes I'm so busy sweating that I don't have time to think about my mood. 


So those are a few ways that I have been trying to combat my bad mood. Here's hoping that this week I will be able to move past it and on to happier things. 

Did these things help you? Let me know below!