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True confession, after college I worked at Williams-Sonoma in retail. It was 2008, the middle of the recession, and the job market was slow. I actually really liked my job at Williams-Sonoma because I got to work with some of my favorite things like glassware and kitchen tools. Not everything was peppermint bark and pumpkin bread though—I had to polish the copper pots (remind me never to buy copper anything) and clean out the cider at the end of the night. I did learn a lot about kitchen tools especially which ones were good and which ones weren’t worth it. So I wanted to share the kitchen tools that I reach for over and over again and probably need to be replaced due to too much use!

  1. Perfect Egg Timer - I love a perfectly done boiled egg, with the yoke just set. This little nifty tool helps me get it right every time. You just put in the pot with the eggs and wait for the dark color to reach one notch above soft.

2. Loge Pan - This is a more recent purchase but I have been loving it to cook up seriously delicious meat. Since we live in an apartment, grilling just isn’t an option. While this doesn’t provide the same smokey taste as a BBQ, you get that lovely crust that only a high-heat heavy pan can create. It takes a little extra TLC to maintain it but there are lots of guides online on how to take care of the pan. Worth it!

3. Silicone Measuring Cups - I bought these when I worked at Williams-Sonoma and I use them on an almost daily basis. They are perfect for heating up anything, from soup to coffee, in the microwave. Plus they are great for measuring liquids or pouring liquids into small containers, like muffin tins.

4. Instant Pot - Sort of a cheat here since it is not a traditional “tool” but it is a kitchen essential for sure. I like my Vitamix but my Instant Pot is truly a jack-of-all-trades. Veggies cook so quickly in here, ie sweet potato in 10 mins, and it is perfect for soups. One note is that meat/fish in here isn’t my favorite since it tends to be an odd texture and a bit flavorless—that’s what the cast iron pan is for.

5. Flipper Spatula - It’s always a harrowing moment when your pancakes are ready to be flipped, they are getting browner by the second and you need to flip them like-right-now. This spatula really gets under there and provides a clean flip. Its use goes beyond pancakes to chicken and fish making it the perfect go-to spatula when prepping a meal.

6. Victorinox Pairing Knife - This inexpensive knife is my go-to knife in the kitchen. My dad got me hooked on these knives because they are super-sharp, affordable and dishwasher-safe. I have a few of the straight edge paring knives and some of the rounded serrated knives. I can’t recommend these enough!

7. GreenPan - I am a huge fan of non-stick Green Pan pans. They heat up quickly and retain even heat plus they are made eco-friendly which is always a bonus. I also love that the non-stick coating cleans off so easily and allows you to use less oil.

8. Sur La Table Sheet Pans - Roasting veggies is one of my favorite ways to eat them. These sheet pans are perfect for meal prepping a few pans of veggies for the week. They have lasted for years and I am very happy with the quality for the lower price.

9. High Quality Mixing Bowls - I know this one seems a little odd. Maybe you don’t bake much but mixing bowls are for all types of things including meatballs, salad or granola. I invested in a set of Emile Henri ones in my Williams-Sonoma days and have used them countless times since. They also double as serving dishes when guests come over.

10. Small Colander - I love a small colander for storing hard boiled eggs in the fridge or rinsing berries. I prefer the smaller size for storage in my tiny kitchen and it doesn’t take up too much room in the fridge.

So there you have it! My top 10 essential kitchen tools. Did I miss any that you love?