I'm sure my parents think it is hilarious that people have started wearing flower crowns again. Everything old is new right? I didn't think I was a flower crown person until the recent bachelorette party I attended. One of our activities was making crowns. I swear that they made everyone look even more gorgeous.

They look hard but the funny thing is, that they are super easy to make. Getting the supplies will be the hardest part. I had to go to 4 hardware stores to find the florists tape. If you have time, I recommend ordering tape and wire from Amazon. It will save you the hassle of searching high and low for it. 

In terms of the flowers, I just used a mixed bouquet from Trader Joe's (my FAVORITE source for flowers) I would recommend sticking with smaller flowers. The full size roses ended up being a little large for this crown for real life use (but sure looked pretty in pictures) Make sure that you have lots of green filler because it takes quite a few flowers to go all the way around that the green helps stretch it out. I love the spray roses, they were the perfect size.

First taking floral wire, or stainless steel wire in my case, measure your head. Leave it a little on the larger side because it will feel smaller once the flowers are on it.

Using floral tape, cover the area where the two ends meet.

Now you are read for your first flower. Align the flower with the wire and wrap floral tape around. I find it helpful to cut a piece of tape rather than doing it straight from the roll, it is less cumbersome.

Add a piece of greenery and another flower. Keep wrapping each time.

Continue around the ring placing flowers and wrapping.

Et voila. The final product.

A more flower-efficient way to do it is to make a little piece of wire with loops on each end. Then you can wrap flowers to the wire. You can place this piece in your updo, pin it to a sash or add it to a hat for a colorful accent. 



First off, calling this place a "discovery" would just not be true. This newcomer, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, always has a line out front door so it is far from just being discovered. The new pint-sized pastry shop sells out of their famous cruffins, which is a mix between a croissant and a muffin, 30 minutes after they open.

There has been so much hype around Mr. Holmes that I just had to investigate and see what all the commotion was about. First off, its in a sort of odd location--not quite Nob Hill, not Tenderloin and not downtown. But as you turn the corner you see the line. It's not too unmanageable, it was about a 15-20 minute wait altogether. We went at 11am, hours after all the cruffins were sold out, but happy to be able to try some of their other pastries. According to Instagram, waits can be up to 1 hr closer to opening at 9 and most people recommend visiting during the weekday mornings. There is also a separate line for cruffins so make sure you are in the right line!

The smell is just heavenly as you get closer to the front door. You really can't beat the smell of warm pastries. Everyone working seems happy enough to be surrounded by pastries and smiling customers ready to consume sugary carbs. In order to get one of their beautiful boxes, you must order 6 or more pastries (which is not hard to do after you have been waiting in line)

I picked a mixture of pastries so I could sample the different types they make. Two danishes (one artichoke and one apricot) two donuts (one filled with caramel and one with banana) a bostock (dense brioche twice baked with almond paste) and a maple scone. Phew that sounds like so much when you write it out! After picking your jaw up from the floor at the total (you can do the math, at $4-$5 a pastry) you take a quick Instagram of the neon sign and tote your box of golden deliciousness outside.

My friend and I made it a block away before we pried open the box and took a big bit out of the banana donut. We sat there on the corner clutching our pastry box like a treasure chest, and enjoying the banana-ey goodness of the donut (also, why that one isn't featured in the pictures below!)

I'll admit that I haven't tried all the pastries yet (most of them went in the freezer to be savored later, its like having a mini-bakery in your freezer) I did try the two donuts. They were both incredible and tasted like dessert. I loved the caramel filling and the banana was almost like a banana cream pie. How can you go wrong with those two flavors?

Overall, if you are in San Francisco, I would recommend visiting Mr. Holmes. I would go partially for the pastries and partially to say that you visited one of the hottest pastry shops in a very foodie-centric town.



Memorial Day always sneaks up on me. It's the unofficial beginning of summer and it couldn't come soon enough. I can't wait for longer sunny days, more trips to wine country and picnics in the park.

A few months ago, my friends and I planned a Memorial Day trip to Palm Springs. I am looking forward to basking in the sun, swimming and enjoying a few cocktails with my friends. We are staying at the oh-so-chic Ace Hotel. I want to blend in amongst the LA d-list celebrities and hipsters that will no doubt be at hotel. Here is my packing list filled with bohemian neutrals with touches of metallic to keep that modern feel.

Make sure to follow along on Snapchat for fun peeks of the trip (username is ellie_sf) and when I come back, I'll make sure to share photos and details with you!

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You know I love my jewelry! I am always looking for more pieces to add to my collection. I like pieces that are unique and match with my everyday outfits. Since I received these gorgeous rings from Prismera, I quite literally haven't taken them off my finger. Laura's designs are so unique and versatile. I also love that she is based in SF. So happy to support a local maker! 

Because she generously gave me two of the horseshoe rings, I have been playing around with ways to wear them. You can put both open ends together to make a 0 or you can stack them next to each other or you can just wear one! I have been wearing the black sparkly one with another ring of mine that is just a stacking band. It makes the perfect pair. 

I have my eye on the ruby bar ring next to keep building my stack. Make sure to follow Laura on Instagram (@prismera) for the latest launches and discounts. 

Prismera generously gifted me these two rings. Thank you for supporting the companies that make this blog possible!



Hey guys! So excited for this new feature on the blog. I am so lucky that my sister, Amanda, lives in the same city as me (fun fact: she also works in the SAME building) One of our favorite things to do together is go to the farmer's market near out house on Sundays. Amanda came up with the idea of contributing to a monthly post using farmer's market fruits and veggies. Both of us believe in eating lots of fresh, locally-grown fruits and veggies. She is really good at developing delicious recipes around fruit and veggies that are in season. I wanted to share some of her favorite recipes with you! Hopefully these recipes inspire you to visit your local market and whip up something healthy and tasty.

Here's Amanda sipping a coconut (one of her favorite flavors!) 

Everything at the farmer's market is so beautiful! Here are a few pictures from us picking up ingredients for the pasta. 

Today's recipe is for brown butter caramelized leeks with goat cheese pasta. We also added some fresh lemon zest, mint and parsley for a fresh, flavorful dish. You could also add asparagus, peas or any other green veggie to this pasta.


3 Medium leeks (in season Nov - May)
4 Cups of pasta
1/3 Cup of goat cheese
1 Lemon
2-3 Tbsp of mint
2-3 Tbsp of parsley

We bought this pasta from the Santa Cruz Pasta Factory. The type that we got was called gemelli which means twins in Italian, because the pasta is wrapped closely together. Perfect for two sisters making pasta together! If possible, I like to always buy fresh pasta because the flavor and texture just can't be beat. 

Step No. 1

Wash leeks. Trim off top leaves and bottom roots.

Step No. 2

Slice into thin pieces then separate.

Step No. 3

Chop parsley and chiffonade basil. Grate lemon peel. Put aside.

Step No. 4

Heat up a generous pat of butter on the stove over medium heat. Let butter turn a golden brown. Add in leeks immediately with a sprinkling of salt and cook until edges are browned.

Step No. 5

Cook pasta according to directions. Immediately after pulling off the stove, add goat cheese, salt and pepper.

 Step No. 6

Combine leeks with pasta. Add butter/olive oil if pasta begins to stick together.

Step No. 7

Serve pasta. Garnish with lemon zest, mint, parsley and a generous sprinkle of parmesan cheese.

There we have our first farmer's market meal. Many more fun recipes to come. Follow Amanda on Instagram @amandaemizrahi for more recipes and pretty pictures.



Hello ladies and gents (there has to be at least one of you out there) It's Monday and we all know that Mondays are hard to get through sometimes. So I'd like to introduce one of my new columns, "Can't Stop" I thought that I would highlight a few things in my life that have been on repeat recently whether it's music, shows, books, magazines, blogs or clothes. I figured that maybe if I'm obsessing over it, you might like it to! So here we go.
No. 1

I can't stop listening to "Renegades" by X. Ambassadors for its easy-going rhythm that you can't but help tap your foot to. I love the message in Tori Kelly's "Dear No One" It's about the man she has yet to meet but is just happy moving along in life until he gets to her. It's relatable to say the least. I discovered Jesse Ware's "Say You Love Me" in the finale of Looking. It's slow and moody but builds with the addition of a choir. Lastly, there is "Conquerer" from my recent favorite show, Empire. I have been listening to the motivational duet over and over again.

No. 2

Over the past year, I have been totally devoted to Instagram. There are so many social platforms out there that it is hard to be active on all of them. Two of the new ones that I can't seem to get enough of are Snapchat and Periscope. I know Snapchat isn't new but I'll admit, I resisted it for awhile. But the non-retouched, very real aspect of it is quite appealing to me. I love seeing little snippets of people's days (does that sound weird?) Make sure to follow along with me at Ellie_sf Periscope is very new to me but as a marketing person and an active social media person, it intrigues me. I'm looking to seeing how this platform evolves.

No. 3

I have been scouring the internet recently for healthy but tasty recipes. I am headed to Palm Springs in two weeks so I am going to be on my best eating behavior for the new few weeks until we head out. I have been seeing these smoothie bowls all over the place so I decided to do a little research. Not 100% sold yet but willing to give it a try. I also heard someone at work talking about 2 ingredient "protein pancakes" and had to look up the recipe. I mean its pretty easy, you just mix the two ingredients together…but the real question is, how do they taste?

That's it for now but I look forward to sharing more things I can't get enough of soon!



Spring is always a tricky season for dressing. One day it's hot and you are digging out all of your warm weather clothes from the depths of your closet and then, before you know it, you are shivering in your white shorts feeling like a fool. Well that's why scarves were invented (ok, maybe not really) I've picked out a few favorites for transitioning from winter to summer in style. It involves a lot of layering and a few key pieces that can warm up or cool down depending on the weather. That also makes these clothes perfect for trips and traveling. Here are a few favorites. How do you stay stylish as the weather changes?

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