I can't wait to share this small home makeover today. I have been storing my jewelry in a console drawer for years now but it got to a point where the drawer wouldn't shut anymore because it was so disheveled. It kills me because I love all of my jewelry and I want to store it properly so it stays in good condition. So I decided to tackle this mini-home makeover project today. Let's get started shall we?

I'm pretty embarrassed to show you the before but I am doing so because I have a feeling that you might be able to relate. I mean how am I going to find any jewelry in here?

First, take all of the jewelry out and sort by category. Pull out any broken pieces or pieces you no longer wear. I made a mini repair shop and glued a few pieces that were easy to fix. I set aside my other jewelry that I dont wear anymore and put it into one of my storage bins. Who knows when the styles will come back in fashion but I want to hold onto them just in case. I really wanted this drawer to be things that I wore on an everyday basis.

I also set aside any jewelry that needed polishing. These silver cloths from a jewelry store work really well getting tough tarnish off. 

Next, I measured a paper towel (a wrapping paper tube would work too) to the size of the drawer. I wrapped in cute paper to add a little decorative element. These are going to hold our bangles.

Like this...

I sorted my bracelets that weren't bangles into like colors and textures--silver, pearl, gold etc. I put them in these cute dishes from the dollar store but any segmented tapas dishes will work.

Lastly, I put my earrings in a large medicine organizer with the lid removed. I also got this at the dollar store so it was a perfect deal! I originally wanted to only put one pair per square but I ran out of room and had to double up.

Here is the final result and it only cost a few dollars. I can see and find my jewelry so much better now and I think I'll be able to keep it this way for awhile. Every time I open it, it makes me smile!



My design style tends to leans toward the traditional. It's not that I don't like modern, sometimes it feels just a tad too impersonal and cold. One of my exceptions however is CB2. I can't get enough of their beautifully-designed, accessible housewares. It's one of my not-so-secret resources for affordable marble pieces, fabulous pillows and unique accessories. Here are my favorites from their recent batch of new products...

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In an effort to start 2015 in a healthy way, I have been doing a little research on easy lunch bowls. What attracts me about them is that everything is contained in one dish and they are jam-packed full of veggies. I also like that it is more substantial than a salad. Here are a few fabulous bowl recipes that are sure to keep you full and healthy...

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You know that I love my jewelry. I have always loved it. Picking up a ring on our family travels or layering a pendant necklace over my turtleneck (it was the 90s) I've always had a special interest in jewelry.

A month ago, I discovered Rocksbox. I like to call it Netflix for jewels. Each shipment contains three pieces selected for you by a quiz you take online. You can also request specific pieces on their Instagram or Pinterest. When my box comes, I rush home and tear open the package barely before walking in the door. It is so fun because there are brands that I love like Margaret Elizabeth and Loren Hope and I get to borrow their jewels for a few weeks. It's sort of like being a celebrity that gets to wear those fancy jewels for awards shows...at least thats how I think of myself ;-)

This shipment was a wonderful collection of a Margaret Elizabeth stacking bracelet, trendy ear jacket earrings and a fun sparkly necklace. I've worn each a few times and when I'm done, I review the pieces then ship them back and they send new pieces. I'm totally addicted now.

The best part is that you can try it for free for a month. Just enter the special code LaurenBFF111 and they'll ship the first month free. How easy is that?

Sparkle on ladies.

This post is sponsored by Rocksbox. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.



When I was in Hawaii, I had the most amazing ginger martini. It wasn't complicated, just ginger syrup with high quality vodka, but boy was it delicious. I decided it was time to make my own ginger syrup. It was so easy to make, I wonder why I didn't do it earlier. This syrup has quite a kick to it so you can dilute it with sparkling water if its a little much for you.


1 Piece of ginger
2 Cups of water
1 Cup of sugar

Step No 1

Peel ginger using a veggie peeler. Remove the outer layer of ginger.

Step No 2

Using a mandolin set to medium to slice. Slice ginger into pot (be careful of your fingers!) Save all of the nubs and throw them in the pot too.

Step No 3

Bring to a boil then simmer for 20-30 minutes until reduced and syrupy.

Step No 4

Strain liquid into a jar. Save the slices and lay them out on a drying rack. Allow them to dry out for 5 hours (this is an important step so they don't get goopy). Then roll them in sugar. Place candied pieces on a drying rack.

Let ginger pieces sit overnight to dry out.

Step No 5

To make a yummy drink mix syrup with sparkling water and stir.

Garnish with candied ginger.



When a company is born out of giving back and looking stylish, that's pretty awesome DNA. Union & Fifth is a new shop that allows you to do both. The idea is pretty simple: they sell your gently worn designer pieces and 100% of the profits go to one of 9 non-profits of your choice. I would say that's a win win. You can also shop Union & Fifth to score great designer items while giving back.

Personally, I have my eye on this amazing navy Chanel bag. I love it playfully paired with bright pink. It would be the perfect combo to get me through the winter months and propel me right into spring.

I hope you check out Union & Fifth--find out more info here and also make sure to follow along on their social channels for updates. I think it is a great organization and am happy to support it!

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I assure you that I am back for good after a few weeks of sporadic posts. Between the holidays and my trip to Hawaii it was tough to keep up with the blog. But all of the time spent resting was well worth it--I am recharged and ready to get into 2015. I wanted to share my pictures with you from my lovely trip. These images help extend what was an incredible trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. I hope they bring a little aloha to your Monday.