There are so many options out there these days for fun, affordable jewelry. One of my favorite places to get inspiration is Bauble Bar. They always have on-trend jewelry for wallet-friendly prices. This fall, I'm adding tassel jewelry to my list as well as a twist on classics like pearls and chandelier earrings. Here are my favorites along with what I would pair them with.

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This weekend at the farmers market I spotted these perfect grapes. They were stunningly beautiful with their matte, navy coloring. I was inspired to design a room around them. In this case, grape doesn't mean a fake purple but a lovely, rich navy. Bring in rustic elements like a barn wood frame and a cozy leather chair and you've got a perfect grape retreat.

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I've decided to start rounding up my favorite things from the week in a Friday post. There are too many good things out there and I want to make sure you don't miss out. So if you have an hour or two extra this weekend, check out these great things...

No 1 73 Questions with Anna Wintour

The queen of Vogue gives you a look into her life through a quick but very through interview. Who knew she liked tennis?

No 2 Everlane One Hour Delivery

Everlane believes in complete transparency in their store. From the places the garmets are made to the markup on the products, they let the consumer have insight into it all. Now they are providing free one hour delivery in San Francisco. So next time you spill coffee on your shirt mid-day, just give them a call.

No 3 Ralph Lauren Spring 2015 Show

One of my favorite New York Fashion week shows. Love the translatable looks that bring together bright colors with classic RL khaki.

No 4 Lena Dunham Book Excerpt

I can't wait to buy Lena Dunham's book so this snippet was a treat. I love her writing style. You can almost picture saying each of the lines. It's smart and funny. I'm looking forward to Sept 30 when the full book is released.



Here's a fun way to get your apple a day. Mix in-season apples into your cocktail. Pair apples with spices and herbs for the perfect fall cocktail. 

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What happens when you bring together two of my favorite things, Paris and Madewell? Magic. That's what. These preview images from Madewell's new catalog makes me want to throw on a cozy sweater and wander the streets of Paris as the leaves fall.



Even though adults don't go "back to school", I feel nostalgic each fall for the days when I got all my school supplies in order before the start of school. When my list of required supplies came in the mail, I couldn't wait to fill my cart with the perfect pencils, pens and folders. Don't underestimate how a new pack of pens can give you a little motivation. It's like when you wear a new shirt on a first date. No one knows its new, but it gives you that little burst of confidence to take the first step.

As adults, we dont require quite as many supplies for work (when was the last time you used a protractor?) but you can make little tweaks to your home workspace to make it feel new each year. The best part about being an adult is that your desk doesn't have to be quite as utilitarian as it was in school. A good desk blends in with your other decor and is chic and work-friendly at the same time.

When I saw this unique rug, I couldn't help but put together a modern, Southwest-inspired workspace. This arrangement keeps things simple and relies on a few statement pieces to do most of the work. I love a nice big table for working (in fact, I sometimes work at my kitchen table) And I dont know about you, but starting at that bull everyday would make me motivated to conquer whatever the day brings.

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Hey you made it through the week! Here is what is inspiring me right now.

Bold berry lips and easy hair 

Stripes, always stripes

Cozy cabins in the sunshine

Deep red nails with geometric accents

Gooey chocolate chip cookies

And this…because let's be honest, these are my weekend plans

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