There is nothing like a warm bowl of soup on a cold fall day. There are so many different soup recipes out there but these are the ones that have caught my eye.

No 1 Sweet Potato Soup with Pumpkin Seeds & Thyme
No 2 Many Vegetable Soup
No 3 Spicy Greens and Creamy Parmesan Bean Stew
No 4 Vegetarian Tortilla Soup
No 5 Creamy Caramelized Leep Soup with Bacon



There is something magical about dark flowers. While I wouldn't necessarily want them for a wedding, I think they make a wonderful fall centerpiece. They have a painterly, still-life quality that fits perfectly this time of year. What do you think? Would you do a dark centerpiece?

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I have had my eye on a mandolin for months now and I finally broke down and bought one. Then I immediately rushed home and sliced everything in the fridge (obviously). I can't wait to use this on salads and for yummy side dishes.

But first up we have sweet potato and parsnip chips. I'll admit that the parsnip chips came out a little crunchier and tasted more like actual chips than the sweet potato chips but they were both darn tasty. I think that cooking them a little longer might have made them a little more crispy. I love the spice of a parsnip and they pair well with the sweet potato. The other thing I'm obsessed with is this totally affordable, and practically life changing, truffle oil. Go get yourself this now (and thank me later). Let's get started...


1 Sweet potato
1- 2 Parsnips
Olive Oil
Truffle Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper

Step No 1

Slice the sweet potatoes using the mandolin. Turn oven to 475 degrees.

Step No 2

Put the slices on a cookie sheet. Sprinkle parmesan and drizzle olive oil.

Step No 3

Bake for 20 - 25 minutes until edges turn brown. Sprinkle additional parmesan and drizzle truffle oil over chips. Place chips on a rack to let cool.

Enjoy this savory/sweet goodness.

So good. You won't believe it.



The other day I was thinking about the holidays. I can't wait for all of the parties and festivities. While some people may lament how busy it gets during December, I can't wait to celebrate the season with my friends. Then I realized, in a panic, what am I going to wear to all of these parties? Thoughts of going store to store looking for the perfect dress flashed before my eyes. Then, I remembered Rent the Runway and signed with relief. They have such a fantastic collection of the latest dresses. People will wonder how you can afford a new dress for every event. Don't worry, this can be our little secret.

For today, I thought I would put together a post of some of my favorite dresses for fall wedding season. I'll be sharing some of my favorite holiday dresses a little closer to my work holiday party (yay!) From talking to friends, it seems like there are more and more fall weddings. Rent the Runway makes it easy with dresses and accessories. Here are a few of my favorite picks to look smokn' at your fall wedding...

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Perhaps I'm a romantic at heart, but there is something so magical about beautiful old castles. I've always been intrigued by royalty. After visiting the crown jewels at the Tower of London when I was young, (still one of my favorite tourist stops in England) I saved up my money to buy a tiara from the local costume store. Some girls just dream of being princesses.

That is why I fell in love with this story. An Australian couple purchased a decaying Chateau near the Pyranees mountains in France, Chateau de Gudanes. The site is a historical monument but it has fallen into disrepair. Their journey of returning this beautiful 18th century chateau to its former glory is cataloged through their blog. Think Under the Tuscan Sun but bigger, and with even more charming details (like an adorable orange cat) The couple is one year into their renovations but their pictures are just stunning. Enjoy the small handful of images below and follow along their Instagram and Facebook for more beautiful pics.

What a beautiful project. 



I'm so excited to share this fall recipe with you today. I did a post a few weeks back on my favorite recipes with acorn squash. That round up, coupled with an amazing Real Simple recipe in their November issue, inspired this combination. It has sort of a Moroccan feel with the yogurt and the mint. It is really the perfect pairing.


1 Acorn Squash
2 Tsp of cinnamon
2 Tsp of coriander
Olive oil
1 Cup of Greek yogurt
1 Tbsp of mint, chopped
2 Tbsp of raisins

Turn oven to 425 degrees.

Step No 1

Slice acorn squash across the top. Slice thin 1/4 in pieces. Once you hit the seeds, scoop out and continue slicing.

Step No 2

Cut each slice in half and place on a cookie sheet. Sprinkle the spices over the sliced acorn squash. Drizzle olive oil and sprinkle salt.

Step No 3

Place in oven for about 25 minutes until slices are tender and backs are lightly browned.

Step No 4

Spread yogurt on a plate. Place roasted squash on top of yogurt. Sprinkle chopped mint and raisins over squash.

Tasty-looking isn't it?!



No 1 & Other Stories US Launch

H&M's fancier brand & Other Stories launched their online site a few days ago and they are opening a their first US store today in NYC. Their selection is on the more expensive (but still attainable side). If nothing else, it will provide some pretty online window shopping for you to check out this weekend. Oh and get 20% off with the code FRIENDS.

No 2 Tory Burch: In Color

I'm thisclose to buying this book. It seems like the perfect accessory for my coffee table. Tory goes color by color, sharing her favorites things in each shade. The other great thing is that Amazon is offering the book at half off.

No 3 Cup of Jo Everyday Make-Up

I am a big fan of this beauty post. Her make-up style seems approachable and attainable. I like how honest she is with what works and what doesn't work for her.

No 4 Caudalie Eau de Beaute 

This mist is such an amazing beauty luxury. It smells like spa and instantly refreshes your face. Keep one at your desk to revitalize make-up throughout the day.