It's been awhile since I shared one of these "New Discovery" posts. The purpose of them is to share new cool products and up-and-coming brands. I love to support creative people that are making new innovative products.

This San Francisco-based brand is no exception. I have followed their Instagram in wonder for the past few months. The company is called Lumio and they make these beautiful, handcrafted books that transform into lights. I love how soft the light is and the ambiance it ads. Since they are rechargeable, they would be perfect for a romantic picnic, a glamping trip or just reading in bed.

Isn't it mesmerizing? Check out more at Lumio and take a look at their Instagram too!



Coffee table books are underrated. They just sit there looking pretty and collecting dust. I love to actually read my coffee table books. I browse them for inspiration when I'm drawing a blank. That's why not only does the cover matter (believe me, it does) but what's inside. Life lessons and decorating lessons in one post. Check.

I recently ordered "The Flower Recipe Book" and can't wait for it to come in the mail. I'll share more about it when it arrives. It got me thinking that I need to revamp my coffee table book selection. Here are a few of the books on my wish list…

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I can't believe that we are already into mid-August. Where has the summer gone?

While cleaning out my closet the other day, I noticed I have a lot of black and white, denim and pops of red. Then I took a look at my Pinterest and saw the theme continued on there as well. Its an easy mix that can be dressed up or down and given a ladylike or rocker vibe. Even though I have countless stripped shirts, I keep buying more because they look great with everything. Here is a round-up of my latest favorite combos. What are you closet go-tos?

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Building a perfect room is all about the mix. Pair high and low, old and new to create a visually engaging space that feels completely unique. I have partnered with Chairish to show how to style this fun, sunny, yellow Herman Miller-style accent chair. If you remember a few months ago, I introduced you to Chairish, the site where you can shop for curated pre-loved furniture. I love their accessible selection of vintage finds from gorgeous pillows to perfectly-worn leather chairs.

The first room features a oh-so-fun donut painting that adds color and a playful element. When paired with a minty sofa and a broken-in leather chair, the room feels light and fun. The second room plays off of a wonderful Secret Service target with a 50s vibe, and allows the yellow to shine amongst the natural tones. Which one are you drawn to? That donut painting is making me hungry...

To see more fabulous chairs that add a punch to any room, click here. Believe me, it was hard choosing just one.

Room 1:  Chair / Art / Coffee Table / Rug / Second Chair / Lamp / Sofa
Room 2:  Chair / Art / Coffee TableRug / Second Chair / Lamp / Sofa

This post is inspired by Chairish. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.



There are some quintessential things about summer: beaches, BBQs and s'mores. To me, without those three things, its hard to call it summer. I have had a craving for s'mores for weeks now and have been devising how to make them in my city apartment. I think I have come up with a fairly good solution. Of course you can't mimic the smoky warmth of a fire, in the middle of a city, but these taste pretty darn great.

Let me introduce you to the s'more fondue…


Good graham crackers
10-15 Large marshmallows
1/3 cup of chocolate chips

A few notes:

- I love these grahams from Trader Joe's because they have so much flavor. If you're feeling all fancy, feel free to make them yourself by using this recipe
- You can make the marshmallows too if you are feeling very Martha Stewart-ish, this recipe looks yummy
- I love Guittard chocolate chips because of their quality, since there aren't too many ingredients in this recipe I would splurge for nicer chocolate
- You dont have to have a fondue pot to make this recipe (but feel free to dust it off), you can just use a 5-6in ramekin

Now let's get going…

Gather all of those yummy ingredients.

Step No. 1

Place the chocolate chips in your ramekin. Heat in the microwave in 20 sec increments, stirring in-between, until chocolate chips are completely melted.

Step No. 2

Place marshmallows on top of melted chocolate.

Make sure they are nice an cozy in there.

Step No. 3

Place ramekin in the oven, set to broil. Watch the marshmallows very carefully, they can turn from brown to black very quickly so I find it helpful to leave the door slightly open while they broil. You might have to rotate the ramekin so they brown evenly. Once they are perfectly golden, take them out.

Step No. 4

Serve with grahams immediately. Enjoy a little taste of summer in your apartment.



August is the Sunday of months. There is a sense of something wonderful coming to a close and a new season is starting. As the kids go back to school, it makes me want to hold on to summer a little bit longer. These pastel pieces mixed with more-fall-appropriate army green, can be worn now and for months to come. I love the juxtaposition of candy-colored pastels with dark, moody greens to make them feel less sweet. Are you ready for fall yet or still holding onto summer?

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Artwork can totally change a space. With a few well placed pieces of art or even just one oversized print, you can add in a new texture, color or change the mood in a room. Just check out these rooms:

Also, dont be shy about hanging artwork. I know many people with a beautiful collection that just sits on the floor and in the back closet. Follow these easy tips on how to hang a gallery wall. My favorite trick is using 3M strips because then you dont have to damage the wall and you can place it just how you like it. The bottom line is just do it and you will be so happy with the results…because nothing is worse than an empty wall.

Rooms: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6